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Measurements Ø 350 mm. Made to measure height: H1 = top edge ceramic layer to ceiling underneath (total required height for the drilling). Made to measure height: H2 = top edge ceramic layer to concrete. Material: Stainless steel EN 1.4404.


Floor-cover plates with protective roll mechanism that prevents damage of the lane lines and anti-slip cover. To be used for storage of the Malmsten lane ropes under the pool deck, in the basement. Suitable for all Malmsten Racing Lane lines. 
S-hook of the take-up reel on the lane line should be attached to the roll mechanism, which assists in bringing up the lane line afterwards.

This floor cover plate requires drilling of about 380 mm (round cover) or about 370x370 mm (square cover) and is delivered with a flange to be placed onto the concrete underneath the ceramic layer.

The floor cover plate can be combined with our storage bags for racing lanes .

Floor Plate Gold

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