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Official FINA Racing Lanes, in accordance with FINA regulation FR.2.6.1
Wave Energy Dampening: 87,50%
Discs: Ø 150 mm (6")
Lengths: 25, 50m or made to measure. 
Available in FINA official colors,
Original Malmsten Blue/White or custom color combinations.
Color Options: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Orange and Purple
Lanes are delivered complete with Take-up Reel and Tension Spring
For safety purposes, the original Ratchet Wrench must be used.


Malmsten Gold Racing Lane Line

Official FINA racing lane line - made by Malmsten in Sweden - in the Games since 1976. 

The best wave breaker and turbulence control on the market with wave energy dampening up to 87,50 percent it is perfect for all level competitions (FR 3.8 and 2.6.1) as well as training.

Competition managers choice and swimmers love it!

An excellent lane line and wave breaker using:
. Flow-through technique
. Designed for minimal water bounce back
. Each disc rotating individually
. Key water positioning 
. Excellent durability

Racing Lanes from Malmsten have been used in 9 Olympic Games and in most World and European Championships.

This is the exclusive Official FINA Racing Lane Line. 

Malmsten Racing Lane Line has been the choice by FINA and LEN since 1976.

Malmsten Gold Racing Lane Line

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