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Weight: 500 g. Frame of stainless steel imprinted with the Malmsten logo. A brass cogwheel.


A rolling mechanism in polyamide with fiberglass and UV-protection in blue color. S-hook in stainless steel AISI 316, Ø 6 mm. Protective plastic cover in red with the Malmsten logo. Spare part - sold complete and by units. Only to be used on the Malmsten racing lane lines. Fits Standard and Gold.


The take-up-reel mounted on one side of the lane line with wall anchor and lane hook.
Alternatively can be assembled in the pool deck with a lane post and floor anchor .
On the other end of the lane line assembled a tension spring. 
The take-up-reel should only be used with the ratchet spanner from Malmsten- other tools cause unrepairable damage of the item. The take-up-reel comes with a red plastic protective cover with the Malmsten logo.



Take-up reel lane line with cover

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