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Scoreboard for water polo.

Character size 230/165 mm.

Size: 1150 x 1100 x 35 mm.

Visibility 65 meter.


Control panel and all functions are included in the standard display unit. In order to obtain a two-sided or a four-sided scoreboard the add-on display is connected to the standard display unit. 
Main features: 
- Game time start/stop, with possibility to adjust the game time.
- Display of score up to 199-199.
- Manages two penalty times for each team (shows one for each team).
- Break-time- Time-out function with time-out indicator.
- Period indicator - Horn.
- Display of latest player foul and team foul.
- Change- over switch to 24-hour clock.
- Control panel with a distinct display.

Water Polo Allsport 1200 Basic

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